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Our Horses

We have a selection of several Percheron cross horses for your

special event.

The Percheron breed is known for its great temperament and large size, making these horses very reliable for all types of carriage work. You have a choice of white or dapple grey horses. All of our horses are well trained and are comfortable in crowd and traffic conditions. Feather Plumes can be fitted to the harness should you wish. Tails can also be braided upon request. We transport our horses and carriages on trucks to all destinations in Victoria. We do have a maximum distance of eight kilometres travel overall (broken into at least two segments for weddings - e.g. house to church, then to photos and reception), with consideration of our horses taken into account. Additionally, in hilly areas, we may need to limit the kms to suit. Our horses and carriages are available for inspection by appointment. To arrange an inspection, please contact us.

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